Stop beating around the bush when it comes to women's health. 

The Bushtember Foundation is a fledgling organization whose goal is to improve women's health worldwide by: 

1. Fostering conversations, creating communities, and raising awareness of women’s health concerns and inequalities around the world. 

2. Supporting women’s rights to good health worldwide by funding on-the-ground programs and research initiatives.

In 2015, Bushtember launched the #LetsFaceItPeriod campaign, which was co-created by Marianne Bauer, Erin Levi and Agnieszka Wilson. The campaign aims to foster a flow of conversation about periods, from smashing taboos to educating women and girls on good practices, and raise funds for NGOs that work directly on menstrual hygiene management, so that women can live healthier, stigma-free lives around the world.

Who is behind Bushtember?


Erin Levi and Marianne Bauer co-founded Bushtember out of a shared passion in promoting women's health around the world.

For questions, please conctact info@bushtember.org.