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Join the #RedLipstickChallenge

Rupi Kaur & Millen Magese

Rupi Kaur & Millen Magese

Boys and girls, put on red lipstick and share a selfie with your thoughts on menstruation.

You’ll be joining the first-ever social media campaign aimed at smashing period shame, which has spread across four continents, including to countries as remote as Bhutan, and was even presented at the United Nations.

Because menstrual hygiene is a human rights issue, and women's reproductive health is something that concerns us all. 


Let's do this together. Period.

Menstrual hygiene is key to women’s health, education, dignity and is a basic human right. However:

  • In many cultures it remains a taboo, and something impure and shameful leading to restrictions and isolation on women’s participation in daily activities. 

  • Limited access to information and lack of knowledge further can lead to women not having proper access to sanitary products and facilities including clean water, soap and disposals.

Girls often miss out on school due to lack of toilets, soap water and proper sanitary products which eventually may lead to dropouts.

  • In rural India, one in five girls drops out of school after they start menstruating , according to research by Nielsen and Plan India, and of the 355 million menstruating girls and women in the country, just 12 percent use sanitary napkins.