#LetsFaceItPeriod would not have been possible without the help of our friends and supporters. We thank everybody involved, but would particularly like to highlight:

  • Sarah Cahlan and Jerry Doran from the Bushtember Social Media team, and Lia Wong, David Lamb, and Doug Cameron for endless support and advice.
  • Violette Collete, Chloe Gilot, Teresa Lago, Dilara Yilmaz, the incredible interns at NFCC International.
  • Sean McIntyre, producer of the collective selfie.
  • Alda Leung for the design of the campaign logo and invitations.
  • Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. of Oyster Colored Velvet (@pinijr) for his sexy red lipstick pout!
  • Ark Restaurants for providing the food and beverages at our launch event in NYC.
  • Victory Garden for providing goat's milk ice cream at our launch event in NYC. 
  • Carlos Ibarra, casting director of the #LetsFaceItPeriod campaign video. 
  • Millen Magese, Rupi Kaur, Kiran Gandhi, Mari Malek for being at the forefront of breaking the period taboo and speaking at our launch event in NYC. 
  • Alyssa Dweck, author of V is for Vagina, for having an online conversation during the campaign. 
  • Center for Social Innovation (CSI) for hosting our event and our weekly planning meetings. 
  • Period Magazine for their support

And our partners

  • Be Girl for their support.
  • Diva Cup for donating their fantastic reusable menstrual cups to our campaign launch. DivaCup is a reusable menstrual cup that encourages a more positive period experience.
  • Engender Health for their support and for hosting an event.
  • Kota for hosting a google hangout.
  • Libera Wellness for hosting an event.
  • Miss Heard Magazine for sharing real girls' stories. In 2013, Lindsey Turnbull founded MissHeard Magazine in order to create a space for teens to learn, share and connect. Lindsey spent four years in college as a mentor to teen girls in nearby middle schools. Traditional teen magazines seemed to gloss over real issues girls face every day. These magazines lacked spaces for teens to share their experiences.
  • Mensen for their support and their donations.
  • Momoskin for their support and their donations.
  • Party With Consent for hosting an online activity for men and boys.
  • Ruby Cup for donating menstrual cups to our campaign launch, and to girls in Kenya for every one that is bought.
  • Sleek Make Up  for donating 200 red lipsticks to the campaign.
  • Thinx for making menstrual underwear we actually want to wear.
  • UnTabooed for helping us with breaking the taboos around menstruation. UnTabooed is committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among women everywhere.