Mari Stiletto Malek explains how menstruation affects girls in South Sudan

and how #Letsfaceitperiod can empower them.

Model, DJ and founder of  Stand For Education, Inc. Mari Malek explains how #Letsfaceitperiod can change the lives of girls in South Sudan, the world's newest country that's been devastated by civil war.  

"Menstruation is not openly discussed in South Sudan - it is shameful. Girls in South Sudan are very much in need of sanitary products. They miss four to eight days of school due to lack of toilets, soap and sanitary products. 61 % of schools drop out of school completely because of menstruation."

Today, only 10% of girls go to school, which represents the lowest rate in the world and over 93% of women are illiterate.

"When I spoke to girls, they told me:  Girls' education is not the priority of parents,  because it costs more for parents that girls can go to school, because they need sanitary products."

#Letsfaceitperiod will help girls in South Sudan, in working with Stand For Education Inc. to supply reusable menstrual products to girls in South Sudan. 

Watch a demonstration of these products and hear Mari Malek in this recording of her google hang-out session on 14 September 2015.

Thank you, Mari, for your effort in helping girls stay in school!