Health Coach Session: Alternatives to Hormonal Contraceptives

Kara DeDonato was on the birth control pill for ten years, from age 15 to 25. In an intimate session yesterday, the health coach shared with us the reasons why she ditched it and what non-hormonal alternatives are out there for birth control and a healthy menstrual cycle.

While the pill works for most healthy women, very few know how it actually works and what effects it can have on their bodies. Being on the pill depletes your levels of crucial vitamins, like B and zinc, as the body uses them to break down the estrogen that the pill supplies at a steady level. More serious consequences can include an increased risk of cervical cancer and stroke. And let's not forget: it also decreases your sex drive drastically...

Every woman should look into these effects and pay attention to how the pill makes her feel. And remember: there are alternatives. Kara, for example, recommends the copper IUD, which gets inserted into the uterus and provides constant protection without the use of hormones. 

When it comes to “healing” other medical conditions with the pill, such as bad skin or cysts, she warned that the pill is only a band-aid, and that a holistic medical approach would be better to determine and treat the real causes of these issues.

Kara DeDonato 

Kara DeDonato 

Finally, Kara shared loads of good advice for taking care of yourself for a health cycle. They include taking sufficient B-vitamins and magnesium, which ease symptoms of PMS, and consuming raw honey daily to reduce the amount of prostaglandins, which can cause menstrual cramping. She also advises taking activated charcoal when you eat out in restaurants to reduce the amount of potential toxins you absorb from bad fats. 

We loved Kara’s session. Thank you so much for joining us. For all of you who want to learn more about hormonal health and be in touch with Kara directly, check out her website