#Letsfaceitperiod teams up with #HappyPeriod to make feminine-product kits for homeless women

#HappyPeriod is a social movement of girlfriends giving homeless women and girls a chance to have a #HappyPeriod! They began in Los Angeles after the founder, Chelsea VonChaz saw a homeless woman openly bleeding on a street corner. She realized how much of a luxury it was for her to be able to manage her ‘moontime’ needs! 

Now, she hosts monthly gatherings to assemble feminine product kits and distributes them on the streets of LA and in shelters.

The #LetsFaceItPeriod team met up with her on October 2 when they brought the monthly gathering to the Bronx! Everyone brought a kind of menstruation product which were dumped and then sorted into strengths on a long table. Then, with bright yellow #HappyPeriod bags in hand, we circled the table adding enough different strengths of pads and tampons in each bag to last a menstrual cycle!

Because menstruation is such a taboo, the problems that homeless women can face during their periods are often forgotten and not discussed. Homeless shelters often lack disposable menstruation products that homeless women need. 

To read more about the work that Hashtag Happy Period is doing, check out their website http://hashtaghappyperiod.org.

This month, #LetsFaceItPeriod is featuring our beneficiary, Make Them Visible, a women’s homeless shelter as a part of the New York Rescue Mission. To find out more visit our beneficiary page!