Kiran Gandhi Jams with Rupi Kaur: Exclusive Collaboration of Two Period Icons in NYC

Yesterday, something epic happened. #LetsFaceItPeriod united two artists who have been amongst the most prominent faces of the campaign: Kiran Gandhi, former drummer for M.I.A. who ran the London marathon without a tampon, and Rupi Kaur, the artist and poetess whose menstruation series was censored by Instagram.

The two icons turned DMNDR studios into their creative space and made magic happen when Kiran and Rupi sang and drummed together. It was a meeting of two incredible artists and powerful women that will make a lasting impression and inspire women to collaborate when it it comes to advancing women's rights and health. 

We can't wait to show you the result. The official video will be released in about three weeks. Visit Kiran's Instagram feed @madamegandhi for a sneak peak. 

Stay tuned and let's face it. Period.